Corporate Info:

Started in 2012 Sweet & Soft came to a market as a brand of interest to all the mothers & fathers out there who want something new, fun, sweet & soft for their children.

Our owners the Gindi Brothers took a dream & made it into a reality from designing & selling their baby clothing from there parents garage in Brooklyn to establishing there offices in the fashion center of the world in New York.

Our company still carries the same values they had since inception which is that our customers are the BEST & are always right.

Sweet & Soft can now be found in department stores all across the United States, Canada, Caribbean Islands & South America.


Interested in finding Sweet & Soft at discounted prices please make sure to check out our online partners such as Zulily & Amazon.


Thank you for Shopping at Sweet & Soft 

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H: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

34 W 33rd Street

Suite 1011

New York, NY 10001